Payroll Reports

A supplemental service offered by Housing Solutions Alliance is the preparation of all quarterly payroll reports (941s, unemployment and if applicable, state income tax) and W-2s at the end of the year. For those clients who also employ us to do their fee accounting, no additional information will be required (except for employee addresses and Social Security Numbers) for us to prepare these forms, if we start on January 1st . We simply ask that you forward to our office the required forms when you receive them from the applicable agencies.

If you ask us to commence preparing your quarterly reports at a time other than January 1st, we will need a copy of all quarterly reports prepared year to date.

Some clients prepare their own quarterly tax reports and only desire assistance with their W-2s in January. We are also happy to assist you here also. In this case, we ask that you furnish us with a detailed payroll recap for the year. We also ask that you notify us by October 31st (if possible) that you desire the W-2 service, so that we may have an adequate number of forms on hand to meet demand.

Please note that in many instances (in order to avoid penalties) monthly or even more frequent tax deposits may be required of the client. If you do not know how to calculate what your deposit should be or when it should be made we will be happy to give you forms and instructions to help you do so.