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Early Years

In the early years of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), there was no such thing as fee accountants as there are today. HUD would send a staff of auditors to visit various housing authorities around the nation to audit their financial records. Countless times the auditor would arrive at a housing authority only to find no reports prepared or the needed financial information boxed and sitting a corner of the room. In turn the HUD auditor would have to prepare the financial records so that the audit could be completed.

During this time, Philip Miller was the accountant for the Lake Charles Housing Authority and Jack Kastor, comptroller for the Dallas Housing Authority. HUD eventually came to both Miller and Kastor and asked for their assistance in helping some smaller housing authorities who were unable to keep their own books.

The Beginning

Due to Jack Kastor’s close proximity to the Fort Worth HUD office, he and his wife, Lois set up a small office in their garage. It was there that they began work on these accounts and thus the fee accounting business was formed.

As the business began to grow and word of Mr. Kastor’s work flourished, Jack resigned from the Dallas Housing Authority and The Jack Kastor Company was formed. Over the years, Jack maintained a friendship and strong work ethic with Philip Miller, who later became the Louisiana field representative for The Jack Kastor Company.

Mr. Miller continued his role as field representative within the state of Louisiana for many years, until 1982 when Jack Kastor decided to retire from the business. The first person he offered to sell the company to was none other than, Philip Miller. Mr. Miller purchased The Jack Kastor Company and renamed it P. Miller & Associates.

Over the years

P. Miller & Associates witnessed substantial growth with offices in both Iowa, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas. In April 1997, Daniel Strange began work with P. Miller & Associates. Throughout his tenure, P. Miller & Associates recognized a fifty percent (50%) increase in their accounting contracts, as well as making tremendous strides within the consulting fields.


In February 1999, Mr. Strange joined with Art Schuldt to create another consulting company, Housing Solutions Alliance. October 1, 2002 Mr. Strange and Mr. Schuldt purchased P. Miller & Associates, and merged it with Housing Solutions Alliance.Currently Housing Solutions Alliance prepares financial reports for housing authorities in the Southwest Region and has developed a strong consulting division as well; offering a one stop shop for Public and Assisted Housing Agencies.