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Housing Solutions Alliance (HSA) is a consulting company based in Dallas, Texas. The Company’s primary business is providing consulting services for public and assisted housing agencies and programs. The Company was created in February 1999 and organized as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in July 1999.With the acquisition of P. Miller & Associates Computer Service, Inc., (Miller & Associates), a fee accounting company also based in Dallas, Texas, with an office in Iowa, Louisiana, in October 2002, we expanded our services to meet the variety of needs of most agencies. HSA currently provides fee accounting services for over one hundred fifty (150) Housing Authority Programs in seven states. Our clients range in size from ten (10) units to approximately 1000 units. The company’s experience in Low Rent, Section 8, and other HUD programs are extensive. The staff has an average of more than 15 years of management, fee accounting, budget preparation, and PFS experience.

Our services go beyond fee accounting work. We work with our clients on a personal basis to help them meet the daily demands of managing a housing authority. These include assisting with day to day management issues, PHAS, developing budgets with PFS, budget revisions, Technical Assistance, and Capital Fund grants, conducting energy audits and utility allowances, advice on monthly expenditures to prevent overruns, projecting year end budget results, just to list a few.

We specialize in providing accounting service in situations where the housing authority’s financial records are in disarray. Some past examples are as follows:        

*  HSA was hired by a housing authority, at HUD’s encouragement, to close the fiscal year when the agency’s fee accountant was unable to complete the fiscal year ending reports.        

*  HSA was hired to perform the accounting work for a housing authority that had not completed any bookwork for two years. The rental registers and financial records had to be reconstructed before the accounting could be brought up to date.

Because we work with so many programs, we keep up to date on all HUD rules and regulations, as well as employment, payroll, and tax laws.  HSA receives all HUD Notices and transmittals. We maintain close contact with all HUD State Offices in the seven states Southwest NAHRO Region.

Our clients include not only public housing agencies, but several non-profit and for profit housing entities, USDA Rural Development projects, as well as private businesses.

For many years members of our staff have conducted financial management, budget, PFS, and commissioner training sessions for many housing authorities in the seven states Southwest NAHRO Region.  Our staff has also conducted training for the Louisiana Housing Council, Texas NAHRO, Southwest NAHRO, Big Country, West Texas Council, CHAT, NETHA and NTAHA groups of Texas Housing Association.

We have associates who specialize in Capital Fund Grant Administration, Non-profits, Annual Plans, Demolition/ Disposition Applications, Green Energy Audits (GPNA), Environmental Reviews, RAD Consulting Services, Modernization Coordination and Architectural Services.

The principals and/or accountants meet with the Executive Director, staff, and the Board of Commissioners (attend Board meetings) on an as needed or as requested basis at additional costs to agency.

Our company has experience in performing the financial functions for housing authority accounts in seven states, and has done so for more than forty years.