Financial Management

General Ledger Manager

performs housing authority accounting activities. It is compliant with current site-based accounting regulations and integrates with PHA-Web financial components.

HAP Accounting Manager

administers federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Moderate Rehab and state rental assistance program financial activities including landlord payments, tenant utility reimbursements, and bank FSS deposits. Check printing and direct deposit functionality is provided. HAP Accounting Manager integrates with 50058 Certification Manager.

Portability Manager

tracks billing and recording payments to and from original and hosting housing authorities. Functionality includes check printing, direct deposit activity and integration with 50058 Certification Manager.

Public Housing Accounting Manager

administers state and federal housing program financial activities. It charges rent and other miscellaneous items to tenants’ accounts and records payments using batch processing, cash receipting, and lockbox methodologies. Public Housing Accounting Manager integrates with 50058 Certification Manager.

Vendor Accounting Manager

performs accounts payable functions including entering and maintaining vendor information, generating renter invoices and creating purchase orders. Vendor Accounting Manager integrates with General Ledger Manager and Work Order Manager.