William James Hill, IV “Jamey”

Jamey Hill joined Housing Solutions Alliance in 2013. Prior to joining Housing Solutions Alliance he was employed in the affordable housing industry, management, and human resources.

From 2007 to 2011, full-time and part-time, he worked for Gibson Consulting Company in the affordable housing industry. The work he performed for this firm included field inspection and analysis for three types of assignments, market analysis, property condition Inspector, and environmental inspector. As a market analyst, Jamey performed research for future housing development in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, and Tennessee for approximately 159 properties.

Asset Manager

This included evaluating the proposed development sites for suitability by locating the positive and negative features of both the site and the neighborhood. He interviewed property management employees to ascertain their project specific rents, occupancy history and project features and amenities. As a property condition inspector, Jamey inspected both the interiors and exteriors of apartment units to determine the current physical condition and need for repairs and capital improvements. This included estimating the remaining useful life of the various components, determining health and safety deficiencies and evaluating the property for compliance with federal handicapped accessibility requirements. And as an environmental inspector, he performed the site inspection required by ASTM E-1527-05 for Phase I ESAs. This included walking the entire property looking for evidence of recognized environmental conditions (RECs). If any RECs were observed, he would document them with photographs and would map the location of these suspected RECs. He would also inspect the interior of any buildings, looking for evidence of RECs, mold, mildew, asbestos containing materials, and lead based paint.

Jamey received his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2006 from the University of Memphis and he received his Master of Business Administration with a focus on Business Management in 2008 from Mississippi College.