Voucher Management System

The VMS (Voucher Managment System) is the system used by HUD to collect information for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This information is used to determine the amount of HAP, Admin Fees, Hard to House and Audit funding each Housing Authority will receive in the CY (Calendar Year). VMS is submitted to HUD on a three month basis (example: Feb, Mar, Apr). HUD picks one prior VMS submission to use as an average when determining funding. It is very important that the correct information is submitted, as it can affect the amount of funding your agency will receive.

Housing Solutions Alliance sends an information worksheet to each Housing Authority to collect any missing data necessary to submit to VMS on a 3 month basis. We also monitor any changes that occur from month to month, such as void checks and refunds that affect previous months and make the necessary changes to the VMs, which must reflect the most accurate information. HSA balances the monthly financial statements to the VMS submission to insure that the VMS submission agree to the Year End Settlement. A copy of each VMS submision with the documentation is sent to each Housing Authority to be retained in their file.

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