What is it??

The Administrative Plan is an all encompassing document that lists the Housing Agency’s procedures for conducting business on a day to day basis. It addresses everything from the application for assistance, collection of income information from a family that has applied for assistance, how the PHA determines what constitutes a family, how the PHA determines the subsidy size for a family, how the PHA conducts annual re-examinations, how and if the PHA conducts interim adjustments in family income changes or household size changes.

Portability rules are addressed for applicants and tenants. With all the new UIV and TASS information available to PHA’s there should be procedures for collection of that information as well as how long the PHA is going to try to 3rd party verify income information provided by the family (I.e.. If you start a RX 120 days in advance, do you want to spend the whole 120 days chasing down 3rd party, (no) so at what point do you go to HUD’s next best verification, and then when do go to the next and so on). So, you see, it is in reality a blueprint of what your PHA does on a day to day basis in order to fulfill the requirements of Federal Regulations as they pertain to the Housing Authority.