Section 3 Reporting

Requirements of Section 3 apply to all Public Housing Authorities regardless of size or number of units. (Section 8 only Housing Authorities are exempt). Section 3 requirements also apply to any contractor that receives awards from PHAs regardless of the dollar amount of the contract.

Reporting is to be completed at one of the following intervals:When the program providing Section 3 Covered funding requires the submission of an Annual Performance Report. (eg., CAPERS report, CFP Closeout, etc.) Annually by January 10th or within 10 days of Project Completion.

Click here to go to the online Section 3 Report:

Click on the link to the hard copy below:
Section 3 Report HUD Form 60002

If you are filling out the hard copy, be sure to send to the following address or fax number:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Attn: Economic Opportunity Division
451 Seventh Street, SW
Room 5235
Washington, DC 20410
(Fax) 202-708-1286

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