Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)


Public Housing agencies across the country have a backlog of capital needs that exceeds $25.6 billion. As a result of dwindling HUD funding and resources, between 10,000 and 15,000 units of affordable housing are lost each year! In today’s economic environment, housing authorities are faced with difficult choices in establishing priorities for needed repairs, demolition and replacement or simply surviving! Our team at HSA can help provide you the information needed to plan for the future and more importantly, help you implement successful solutions.

Let HSA help you evaluate your PHA’s financial footing moving forward through proper financial planning so that you can make an informed decision to determine if RAD is right for you. Our staff can present the RAD program to your board, guide your agency through the RAD application process, evaluate the capital needs of each property, develop a detailed financial plan under RAD for each property and engage the needed team to implement modernization or new construction through its network of lenders.

Link to the RAD website: