Designed specifically for public housing authorities. MCS recognizes that housing authorities are form driven entities so PHA-Web is structured as a form driven software using HUD form 50058 as the foundation. That form based structure allows MCS to develop very tightly integrated software components that eliminate redundant data entry and increase user efficiency.

Tenant Management

Property Management

Financial Management



Internet-based public housing management software that provides modern software that is affordably priced. Designed as fully integrated Public Housing, Section 8 and Accounting Management software, PHA-Web was created using the one of the most advanced software development tools available today – Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The heart of PHA-Web is its Microsoft SQL Server relational database.

Internet-based software has many advantages when compared to traditional server based software:

All Inclusive Subscription Fee Pricing

No Capital Expenditures for Server Equipment

No Expensive Software License Purchases

Minimal Computer Operating Requirements

Easy Access to Remote Office Locations

Easy to Use Internet Style Navigation

High Level Security and Reliability

Substantially Reduced IT Expense

Hands Off Software Updates

Automated Data Backup

Database Linked to Web Sites