Daniel G. Strange

Mr. Strange has worked in the public and assisted housing field since 1975. He served the public sector as Deputy Director and/or Executive Director of three Housing/Community Development Agencies and has since served the private sector as CEO/president of two companies that provide services for affordable housing agencies.

He served the Housing Authority of the City of Shreveport, Louisiana, as Deputy Director for more than eight years and then as Executive Director for over six years. Under Mr. Strange’s leadership, the Shreveport Housing Authority transitioned from a troubled and poorly managed agency to one HUD recognized as well-managed.


He then served as Director of the Housing and Community Development Department in Grand Prairie, Texas, for three years, eradicating waste, fraud, and mismanagement, then establishing responsible management and credibility to the Department. Part of Mr. Strange’s responsibilities included managing the Community Development Block Grant and Code Enforcement Departments for the City of Grand Prairie.

Mr. Strange served his last four years in the public sector as Executive Director of the Housing Authority of Waco, Texas. He directed his efforts toward resolving excessive vacancies in the Low Rent Public Housing Program, Section 8 under-leasing problems, personnel and litigation issues, and transitioning the agency to a well-managed authority. He also directed the acquisition and management of four RTC properties using wholly owned subsidiaries of the Waco Housing Authority. The four properties have performed very well since acquisition, producing more than $800,000 net annual cash flow in 2000.

Joining the private sector, Mr. Strange then worked for Miller & Associates, a fee accounting and public/assisted housing consulting company for four years, taking responsibility for sales and marketing and helping manage day-to-day operations. During his first 33 months with Miller & Associates the accounting contracts increased by 50 percent, making the company the largest ever in its 40-year history. Miller & Associates also expanded into other areas of consulting during his tenure. In 1999, Mr. Strange was instrumental in forming Housing Solutions Alliance, expanding their services to housing agencies across five states. When HSA, which Mr. Strange now manages, purchased Miller & Associates in 2002, it became one the region’s largest housing consulting companies.

Mr. Strange has served on numerous committees, boards, and offices of NAHRO, at the state, regional, and national levels. In 2004, his expertise led to the selection of Housing Solutions Alliance to manage the Louisiana Housing Council.