Tanisha Smith

Tanisha Smith has worked in the public housing field since 2001. Her current position is VP- Consulting. During her time at HSA she has gained valuable experience and has become knowledgeable of various public housing programs. Tanisha began at HSA as the administrative assistant, and quickly worked her way up to executive assistant, the Director of Consulting, and then to her former position as Director of business operations prior to restructuring of company operations in 2015.

Tanisha has managed all of HSA’s consulting programs including capital fund modernization coordination programs since August 2001 and was responsible for providing agencies with specification manuals for various modernization coordination projects.


She also provides a plethora of other services such as capital fund budget revisions, capital fund budget monitoring, and capital fund close-outs. During the past several years she has also been in charge of providing annual plan submissions, performing rent reasonableness/flat rent studies, energy audits, utility allowance studies, salary comparability surveys and assisted with personnel policy reviews and updates. Tanisha was promoted to Director of Business Operations in June of 2007 and was responsible for all aspects of the operations of Housing Solutions Alliance. As the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program progresses, Tanisha will be responsible for a great deal of the oversight and flow of these projects. In 2010, and again in 2013, Tanisha obtained the Building Analyst Certification from The Building Professional Institute. With restructuring of the company in early 2015, Tanisha’s role is now VP of Consulting Services where she will focus her efforts on growth and strength of the consulting division.